1. Relevance to the Organization / Institution / Company
Opinions written in this blog is only my personal opinion and does not represent the attitudes or opinions organization or institution or a company associated with me directly and indirectly.
2. Comments / Trackback / Pingback
I am not responsible for the comments, Trackback and pingback written by parties other than me. All comments, Trackback and pingback is the responsibility of their respective owners. I will provide information about the author comments, Trackback and pingback if required by law.
3. Hyperlink / Link
This blog uses hyperlink. Use the link / hyperlink is solely to facilitate navigation of this blog. I do not have control over the content of other Web sites from the other link / hyperlink on this blog, because I was not responsible for the content of the website.
4. Information on the Truth Blog
This blog is my personal blog, and there is no guarantee any posts carry on this blog will be fair, balanced and not biased. So if you need input from the other party or parties against which you can find from other sources. Information provided by this blog is without warranty.

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