25 September 2011

Android 2.3.6 available for Nexus, manual upgrade guide

In the last hours seems to have begun the roll-out of Android 2.3.6 firmware for the Nexus One. The changelog of the release is almost empty, which takes only a few bug fixes in the system and in some applications such as in voice search.

The code name is GRK39F, and will be available for all stocks with firmware 2.3.4 Nexus GRJ22 with a phased deployment. But if you want to be the first to have the new official update we tell you now how to update it manually (after the jump):

  • Download the update from Google's servers-from-GRK39F GRJ22 (here another mirror if it were to be removed) and rename (check that name and not actually if you use Windows you may have the file extensions hidden).
  • Move now files in the root folder of the SD card with the method you prefer (usb cable, memory readers, etc. ..)
  • Turn off your phone and turn it back on by pressing Power + Volume Down
  • If you see bootloader, select it and then select Recovery
  • The phone will restart in recovery, but first it will show an exclamation point inside a triangle. Power and Volume Up Prizes hours a couple of times until the screen comes on with the various voices of Recovery
  • Then select Apply sdcard, and waits for the phone do its job
  • Restart, and here's Android 2.3.6!

The guide as you see it is very simple and it takes up to 10 minutes taking into account the file download. Let us know how you find the meantime we have just installed!

How to partition the MicroSD from Terminal Emulator!

Here is the second guide on how to format the MicroSD in 2 partitions:

  • fat32
  • ext2

This, in comparison with the other guide is faster and easier, because the commands to run are few but obviously need to have a firmware with root permissions enabled.

Then let us go into the program and launch the Terminal Emulator commands:
$ su
# cd/data
# wget
# chmod 555 sdsplit
# ./fs-na sdsplit-1500M

Dollar and gates should not be written of course.
After a short time and written a lot :P we will have our SD partitioned and ready to load applications.

24 September 2011

Acer Iconia A500: enable root permissions

The new Acer Tablet Iconia A500's Android may be root. The guys at XDA-Developers have managed to create a simple application that can enable root permissions for this device in a few easy steps.


  • Micro SD
  • Usb cable
  • GingerBreak-v1.20 (download)


The procedure for root, the icon is very immediate and accessible to all. However remember that this, in more unfortunate cases, may cause damage to your device, of course, damage not covered by warranty Acer. So only proceed if you are aware of the risks.


If you have not already done insert the MicroSD in the device and loads the file. Apk just unloaded on it (you can use any file manager from those available on the Market). The name of the folder associated with the external MicroSD external external_sd, not to be confused with the folder sdcard which is instead associated with the mass storage device integrated.

From the settings menu, go to Applications and put the check mark under unknown origin. From the same menu select development and put the check mark in the USB debugging.

Then put the icon in portrait mode (turn it to put it straight on the smaller side), so that the screen rotate and lock in that position in this mode by moving the lever just below the volume keys. This step is important, because you are going to install the application crashes when run in landscape mode.

With the file manager, navigate to the file that you previously placed on apk Micro SD. Click on the file to start installation. Once installed open the application GingerBreak this file.

You just have to click to launch the ROOT DEVICE rooting stage, fully automatic, which will enable administrator privileges on your Iconia. Wait a few minutes so that the application do its job. On completion of the device will automatically restart (reboot may take longer than usual, so have a little 'patience).

At the restart you can disable and uninstall GingerBreak is blocking the USB debugging mode to portrait.


Most applications developed for root device requires the installation of BusyBox, usually already present in the custom ROM, but not in the original. So unless you plan to install an alternative and Roma prefer to remain on the original one I recommend to install BusyBox through this application, located on Market.

If for any reason you decide to go back and remove the root of Acer Icon, you can always reinstall the application in question and launch the UNROOT.

22 September 2011

Android Sync: Synchronize Outlook and Android

One of the few that are missing from Android to Windows Mobile users is the ability to synchronize contacts and calendar to Android with Microsoft Outlook.

To overcome this problem, I recently suggested this simple trick, which is more suitable for those who want to export what they had on Outlook before moving permanently to the management on Android / Gmail / Google Calendar. Users who continue to use Outlook instead have to repeat the operation described in the post mentioned whenever those wishing to carry information about Android.

Android sync with Outlook in real time

The good news for all users of Android is that thanks to new software will finally be able to easily synchronize your smartphone / Android tablet with Microsoft Outlook. The program in question is called Android Sync and it is a must have, because it also totally free.

The compatibility with Outlook is guaranteed from version 2000 onwards, also deals with Android Sync automatically install the appropriate USB driver.

Developers also say they will soon not only the current sync contacts and calendar, with the SMS / MMS messages, Notes, Tasks, Favorites, files and folders. And 'under development also wireless sync (which would be very convenient).

For all info and free download on the official website of the Android Sync:

;-) Happy Syncing

Plan B: The application is to install Android-after losing

Losing your phone is really a problem. Even more so if it's a smartphone. Yes, because the fact that your phone can do a lot of you has gradually pushed to do much count on him. For this reason, and for obvious economic reasons, your smartphone is really precious. Carries photos, personal information, documents and more.

Finding a lost smartphone, with the right amount of luck, and if you have prudence prior to installing tracking software, you can.

And if there was not prudent?

Here it is necessary to resort to plan B, with Plan B.

Plan B is to install the application after tracking lost your Android smartphone.

How it works

Operation is simple: the installation takes place using the new web interface of the android market, which lets you install applications on your smartphone via PC.

Just search the page for Plan B and click Install, then select the phone on which to install the application. This will be installed automatically on the phone As soon as possible and will start immediately on their own, by sending e-mail the location of the phone, at regular intervals over the next 10 minutes after application.

If 10 minutes is not enough, another 10 minutes you can start tracking at any time by sending an sms to locate lost phone.


Plan B is currently the only application "theft" that you can install after having lost the phone.

  • And 'the only lifeline for the careless and / or poorly sighted.
  • You can install it from the Market at any time and this will automatically send you the location of the device.
  • You can also manually request the location via SMS.
  • On some models of smartphone is able to turn the GPS even when turned off.


The cons are immediately evident, and difficult to manipulation.

  • Why Plan B functions, of course, the phone must be switched on and a data connection is available (or otherwise can not download the application, or send data via e-mail).
  • And 'necessary that the card inside the phone is yours, otherwise you can request additional locations via SMS.


Prudence always pays off, and equip themselves in advance of more sophisticated applications, for example, that you send a text message with the coordinates As soon as you insert a new card, or that provide real-time tracking via the web (so they can trace at least the last position before the change of form / format of the phone), to be definitely a better chance of getting results.

However, "no harm in trying," and can count on one last lifeline before losing hopes is a good thing, right?

21 September 2011

The modernized chat, Trillian Astra

Trillian Astra is the latest version of one of the most popular chat programs Multiprotocol. With this new update you can support the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Astra is the fourth version of the familiar client Trillian become famous all over the world thanks to its ability to support multiple protocols at the same time. The new version stresses this important function markedly, taking into account the communication needs of our times by embracing a new means of communication: Social Networks.

In fact, in addition to ICQ, Google Talk and IM also supports leading social networking sites like Facebook famous, Twittwer and MySpace.

Trillian Astra allows us to change our status, an operation which has become indispensable for any self-respecting chat program, receive and send email invitations edinviare to our contacts.

Speaking of your contact list is there to say that, given the available actions numoerose of Trillian, it sometimes becomes unmanageable, even if we have the ability to customize the best program options bringing the situation back to normal.

Trillian Astra comes with a new graphic that differentiates it from previous versions from the most important window, the chat-style "balloon" will also be viewable RSS feeds and is also integrated into the program a search on Wikipedia to know once the meanings of some words used in chat.

The user can choose which style still give porprio Trillian.

The program runs on Windows XP and Vista and to download it for free just sign up to the official website.

20 September 2011

Shazam on the Android is split: unlimited tags for the paid version

The famous music recognition software, Shazam, also expanded its offering to the Android platform. Available in two variants on the Market Google, Shazam is offered in the basic version for free.

In fact, thanks to this free version, you can use the service for a limited number of tags 5 per month, against those of the unlimited version of Encore (offered at about 3.50 €) already present on other stores. Shazam lets you find the title and author of a particular song, as well as a range of related services. To download on your Android device, here's the direct link.

Trillian: Chat Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Live Messenger, and more Android [FREE]

Trillian is a fantastic new instant messaging software for the Android operating system.

The program is currently available completely free version, but, being a beta, it is still on the Market. Furthermore, when Trillian does not support the Italian language.

Despite this, however, already shows Trillian muscles and shows a great chat software in real time from every point of view.

First of all, the software supports all major IM services:
4.Live Messenger

After a short and quick service registration (also free), we will manually add the various chat we want to connect.

With support for synchronization cloud, however, if we are already registered with Trillian (perhaps from a PC or iPhone), the chat services will be imported directly, without having to configure anything.

The program interface is simple and very clear. In the upper part of the information we have on our account, our profile picture and status set on the various chat rooms. In the upper right hand we will be able to view the messaging services to which we are connected.

All the rest of the screen, however, is dedicated to our contacts, which can be divided in various ways, to suit our needs. They can be organized by name or status, but also for the group or membership service. All these features are the ability to hide offline contacts.

Noteworthy is also the system of notification, we will report real-time updates for our chat, making ringtones, vibration, and the notification light (if present on your smartphone).

Of note is the ability to receive push emails to notify of new conversations in which we are involved.

Finally, I note that the software allows you to enable saving on your smartphone, so you do not consume much battery.

I got to try Trillian for some time, and I must say I was really impressed. It 's simple and intuitive to use, fast and stable in showing the conversations and fully customizable.

Plus it's completely free.

Try it and let me know what you think;)

As I said at the beginning of the article, the software is free and can be downloaded from the link below:

18 September 2011

Install Android on Nokia N900 Gingerbread 2.3.3 here is the guide

I know some users were very dissatisfied with the Nokia N900 and Maemo Linux operating system of its time that I was asked several times if it were possible to install Android on this type of smartphone. The answer seems to be positive due to a port of Android Gingerbread 2.3.3, which should run perfectly (or almost) on your Nokia device!

All this is possible thanks to a project called NITDroid that just as the goal of bringing Android devices like Nokia N900 or Nokia N8! In an ad released few days ago, now anyone can download and install Android on your N900 2.3.3.

Here's the changelog for version:
  • - New GAPPS preinstalled (Market Should Be downloaded automatically after login to google account)
  • - USB Mass Storage support
  • - Accelerometer 'aggressive mode' for games.
  • - Wi-Fi fixed RSSI (signal strength icon in status bar)
  • - Video playback (youtube, media player) fixed
  • - Ofon 0.45. Improved ofone / ril init.rc startup logic in the script (not endless anymore non-network)
  • - ElectronBeam effect
  • - Latest from CyanogenMod average (ring-tones, notification sounds, etc.)
  • - Emergency reboot (press Shift + Fn (blue arrow) + R + B on hw keyboard for quick confirmation without rebooting)

The first thing you need to do is download the image and the kernel of the following links and put them in a directory / MyDocs in your root. If you do not have a folder in MyDocs root, then create it and insert the following files:

Now you should enable JPA managers all repositories (Extras-testing, devel-Extras, Extras and Nokia default repository) and install via the App Leafpad manager and make sure you have root privileges. Open X Terminal and type the following commands:
    apt-get update
    apt-get install nitdroid-installer
    y (again if required).

Now wait for the installation of NITDroid X Installer terms and can close Terminal. I DO NOT recommend you try to start the application you just installed! X reopen Terminal and type:

    cd / home / user / MyDocs
    bzip2-d N11_Vostok.tar.bz2
    cd / home
    mkdir / and
    cd /
    mount / home / and
    cd / and
    tar xvf / home/user/MyDocs/N11_Vostok.tar
    dpkg-i / home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-06_final1_armel.deb

We are almost done, now we need to edit a file by typing:

    leafpad / etc/multiboot.d/11

and changed the voice ITEM_DEVICE depending on your situation: If you have an MMC (Micro SD card) inserted into your N900, ITEM_DEVICE changed as follows:

        ITEM_DEVICE = $ {p2} INT_CARD

Unless you have a MMC card inserted into your N900, ITEM_DEVICE changed as follows:

        ITEM_DEVICE = mmcblk0p2

Save the file, close the terminal and restart your N900 and choose "2" which will launch Android NITDroid 2.3.3! I want to clarify that I could not test the slide and that these commands are given by the official wiki of the project. You can find more information and also how to uninstall everything going on this page.

Trillian Android, a new instant messaging client multichat

Trillian Android
On the night has been released a new instant messaging client for Android: Trillian. The program already existed for other platforms is coming and now in public beta for Android. It is not currently available in the market, but you can download it via the barcode grauitamente you see above.
The Client supports many chat as Facebook, MSN, Gmail and others. During the chat you can send images even when the contact. This is a public beta and then still being completed but for the moment does not seem to cause problems. More info on the official website

17 September 2011

HTC Trace Swype-like gestures or keyboard of the 'HTC Sensation

On April 22 took the HTC Roadshow, a promotional tour designed by HTC to try their hand to their users the latest news, but unfortunately only for the English territory.
In any case, this is what I want to talk, but rather a feature of the upcoming HTC Sense 3.0 IU namely the HTC Trace. Swype apparently is having a great success (and deserved, I must admit that when I re-evaluated I no longer do without), so captivated the hearts of engineers who have decided to introduce HTC writing Swype-like in Sense the next release of HTC which will be preinstalled in the new HTC Sensation (the "thing" that you see in the picture), with the functionality we can trace type screen in the same way we write if we try to use the keyboard Swype1. In the model that has been tested functionality is disabled by default, but once turned on makes it possible to set the sensitivity to the line drawn by increasing or decreasing the size of the line, to accommodate both those who have the biggest pollicione that those who have a toothpicks. The next month, at least in America, should be released on the market precisely the HTC Sensation will be the first to have the trace pre-installed, there will presumably follow the HTC EVO 3D to get it, and all future devices in line with Sense 3.0 You wonder what will happen with Sense 2.x devices? Good question, nothing is foreseen at the time, not so much for when it will be implemented as for whether it will be implemented, but never mind if some geek will not make a fork of xda will always trustworthy Swype. I leave you with the hands on those who have androidcentral, who have had the opportunity to participate in the roadshow. Enjoy.

15 September 2011

Transfer data via Wi-Fi

Upload files on the Android is relatively simple. Just connect the USB cable and select the option to use SD as a storage device.

From now on, your phone will act as a storage device (like a USB stick). But if you do not have a USB cable on hand? You can use Bluetooth (firmware Eclair, or 2.1), but you will be limited to speeds of 3 Mbps, enough to transfer a text file but too low if you want to copy one or more films or music albums. In its place you can use the speed of 54 Mbps Wi-Fi. All you need is an FTP client (like Filezilla, free download), and an app that enables an FTP server, ftpserver as downloaded from Marketplace.

You will then start the application and enter some data (not all mandatory), such as user name, password and the connection port. Then start Filezilla (or similar software), enter your access information and start the connection.

Android and vocal actions

You speak and he does, is not science fiction, but the function of "action voice" present from now also in Italian language Android.
With the new voice commands you can call, send messages, browse the web and visit and use maps. To test this function must have installed the latest version of voice search, tap the microphone button and press the symbol for a few seconds of research, in the shape of the lens.

The commands are supported for now:
  • SMS sent to [contact] [message] 
  • called [make contact] 
  • images of [term interest] 
  • Go to [website] 
  • look on the internet [location / name] 
  • guide me [address/city/name of] 
  • map of [place] 

Below the video presentation:

13 September 2011

Android: Update your Facebook application

Hello to all new Android users!

I apologize for the absence last month, but between holidays and universities have me take it easy:)
Directly from the official page on the popular social network, comes the news of the update to version 1.7 of Facebook to Android. The new major release includes more control over the privacy options when new content is posted, in line with the web version of the same with Facebook. The news that catches one's eye is the well known "to pull Refresh", already present in the version of IOS. For the uninitiated, just drag down the page to update the news. And 'added the ability to tag friends in photos, in the states and finally by personal sites! From the changelog is also a change in viewing profiles and message boards but personally I do not see a big revolution. Facebook to Android To install just click on this link He is certain that with this update of this application has reached the level of competition, are now a few differences with the version IOS and not have to wait long to take advantage of our full potential.

11 September 2011

Guide to the ROOT and change of ROM for Samsung S Galaxy II

Samsung S Galaxy II has arrived in the market without special blocks to the bootloader and root procedures and installation of recovery are extremely easy to change.

The following guide will show you how to install a ROM and run the root with the 'installation of a modified kernel. The necessary tool to flash the ROM on Android Samsung ODIN terminal.

How to install a ROM on Samsung Official Galaxy S II

Let's start with downloading ODIN (Windows compatible)

Extract the zip file and keep it on the desktop.

With this tool you will complete your masters Galaxy S II, any flash ROM or kernel is run by Odin.

Before you start your PC, make sure you have installed Samsung Kies, so you have the USB device drivers.

Now procuriamoci the ROM to install.

On the net there are several, pay close attention to what you're going to install

The point of reference for the official ROM is SamFirmware (requires free registration)

Otherwise you can find them easily in the forum of XDA II S Galaxy Android developement.

In this discussion we are all, the password for the 'archive is intratech @ XDA

Choose your firmware, such as the Italian Official Ke2, not to put an eye to Chinese:)

Remove the 'archive and keep ready the tar file you just extracted.

At this point we prepare our Galaxy S II flash.

  •      Start ODIN
  •      Enable debug mode on the USB terminal (settings, applications, development)
  •      Turn off your Galaxy S II
  •      Turn on holding the Home button, Volume Down, and Power.

Press Volume Up to give confirmation.

You have entered the download mode of the phone! Now we have to connect to the PC with Mini USB cable
Check that the ID field is yellow COM

Click the field PDA and upload the file you just extracted the rom (. Tar file)

Now press START and wait for the 'installation of the ROM.

I highly recommend you never disconnect the terminal when there is a flash in progress and only do this on a laptop with charged battery!

Once restarted, you will find your ROM installed.

Simple is not it?

Now we see how to change root and install the recovery.

The process is extremely simple, but not without dangers, act only if you are conscious, what you are doing.

You have to flash a modified kernel, containing root, busybox, and ClockworkMod (CWM3) recovery.

CF-Root v4.0 download from this page and extract it.

The procedure is usually that we have seen above.
  •      Put the terminal in download mode Mode
  •      Open ODIN
  •      Connect the S Galaxy II
  •      Press PDA and upload the file CF-Root-xxx-vX.X.tar
  •      Click on Start

When you restart your ROM will remain intact, but you will have root permissions with the recovery changed.

Thanks to the recovery changed you can make a full backup of your ROM and push towards the 'cooked ROM installation.

The procedure is always the same.

Regarding the warranty, Samsung will know how many times you used to flash the ROM odin, with this gauge inside the download mode mode.

My counter is a ..

However, there is a way to reset it, we'll see soon!

Some considerations and FAQ

  • Everything made ​​on the terminal you do so at your own risk.
  • In the case of brick, remove the battery and reinsert it.
  • If you do not recognize your ODIN S Galaxy II, Samsung launched Kies, close it and try again.
  • KIES only works with USB debugging turned off.
  • After the 'official installation of a ROM not always need a wipe, but is recommended.

For more information I invite you to follow the different post on XDA Forums

If you have questions, look in the comments!

See you soon!

10 September 2011

IP Geolocation

How many times have you ever wanted to see the origin of an IP address? Usually you go on certain websites that offer this service, you provide the IP to be checked and "magically" appear (in a not always accurate) the geographical coordinates in terms of latitude and longitude, the city region and any other details which the number of AS (autonomous system) belong to.

This process occurs by running a few queries on databases that are updated on a non-periodic. These contain information on the various blocks (CIDR Classes Inter Domain Routing) assigned to the various ISPs. From here you can then locate any router that has assigned the IP address is searched and then approximates the geographical area of ​​belonging that is always present in the database. Wanting to make his own hand a tool that makes queries to the db geolocation, we have two of the many alternatives that are certainly the easiest to implement. The first is to use the API on-line that are completely free and maintained by Berkeley and other campuses. Here is an example bash script to use it:

    #this script uses the API of and allows to locate (not ever) the geo-position of an IP address

    $result = (telnet 80 | GET = $ 1 & position = true)

    echo $ result

    #end script
I preferred to use telnet instead of text-based browsers such as lynx to avoid that the user should install on your system. (And is not within everyone's reach ed) The second alternative (not completely free) is that offered by This site provides the API to implement location-based apps in various programming languages. For example, this is a class developed in Java:

    com.maxmind.geoip import .*;

    /*Sample of how to use the GeoIP Java API with GeoIP City database*/
    /*Usage: java CityLookupTest*/

    {class CityLookupTest
    public static void main (String [] args) {
    try {
    Cl = new LookupService LookupService ("/ usr / local / share / GeoIP / GeoIPCity.dat"
    Location cl.getLocation l1 = ("");
    Location cl.getLocation l2 = (args [0]);
    System.out.println ("countryCode:" + + l2.countryCode
    "\n countryName:" + + l2.countryName
    "\n region:" + + l2.region
    "\n regionName:" + regionName.regionNameByCode (l2.countryCode, l2.region) +
    "\n City:" + + Classes Inter Domain Routing
    "\n postalCode:" + + l2.postalCode
    "\n Latitude:" + + l2.latitude
    "\n longitude:" + + l2.longitude
    "\n distance:" + l2.distance (l1) +
    "\n distance:" + l1.distance (l2) +
    "\n meter tails:" + + l2.metro_code
    "\n Area code:" + + l2.area_code
    "\n timezone:" + timeZone.timeZoneByCountryAndRegion (l2.countryCode, l2.region));

    cl.close ();
    catch (IOException e) {
    System.out.println ("IO Exception");
As you can see from the code, the API provided is much more complex, but still full of methods that allow us to add features to our tools innemerevoli. The only flaw is the fact that the db containing the most information for a fee. The site provides the db, so the arrangements which still contain a large amount of information.

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