25 July 2011

Samsung S Galaxy Guide: How to install new ROM, and which one to choose

Samsung S Galaxy has a lot of unofficial firmware to install.

Here is a list of Samsung Firmwares updated to August 10.

FW Some are not stable, while some bring significant improvements to the terminal.
Let's take stock of the situation, with the 'help of XDA

First of all we see how to install a new ROM.
Odin3_v1.0.rar downloaded from

Install Samsung Kies (only useful for drivers)

Here, however, found the PIT (always to be associated ROM)

  • Pit 512

  • Pit 513

  • At this point, select the FW to install.

    The best ROM (at the time of writing) are:

  • I9000XWJG5

  • I9000XWJM2

  • Choose also between these 2, are similar.

    Then we have in a version not yet complete Froyo

  • I9000XXJP3

  • Paul of MoDaCo has put their hands and 'made it stable, can be found here

    I recommend that you wait for the real versions Froyo!

    Moreover, all these ROMs do not have the support 512 MB of RAM, the Galaxy S uses only 360 MB.

    With the new kernel Froyo and finally you can use all the RAM and the benefits are many.

    New features will come as a magnifying glass to select text, copy and paste a cartoon, real-time translation of text and other interesting things!

    Let's go back to the ROM 2

    I installed the M2 and it works pretty well. Initially it is very fast, but slows down after some installations.

    I will try to JG5

    If you want to get more, try this kernel

    As I wrote in the previous article, the Galaxy S suffers from an annoying delay in switching from one application to 'other.

    Now there are lots to try and FIX are all on XDA.

    I've collected them below

  • FIX 1

  • FIX 2

  • Click FiX one

  • Well, now we see how to flash the new FW!

    Attention, each flash involves a hard reset, then do yourself a backup of your data.

  • Open ODIN

  • Turn off the phone by removing the SD

  • Turn the volume down S Galaxy hold Home+ Power Button+

  • Connect it to your PC and check that it detects Odin

  • Upload multiple files

  • PIT

  • PDA (firmware)

  • PHONE (the machine)

  • CSC

  • All these files are included in the rar package of Roma!

  • Partition Re-checked if it is the first time that Flash

  • Press Start

  • After about 5 minutes your Galaxy S restart and have re installed the new FW!


    Which FW you have installed?

    Any suggestions and / or guides to be published?

    Please let me know! I have a gap of 30 days: (

    How to unlock the bootloader, make the root, install a cooked ROM and a modified recovery of Nexus Yes!

    few days of use "original" of the Nexus S is the time to make the root and install the recovery changed with a nice cooked ROM.

    We see step by step how to perform all operations.


    Perform these steps only if you know what you're doing.
    The operations are fairly simple, but you have to have some minimal computer knowledge.

    In case of damage, and various brick, decline all responsibility.
    If you are not afraid, go on!

    Nexus S is a terminal "Pure Google" and make the root does not invalidate the warranty, provided re-locking the bootloader.

    Know that unlock the bootloader will completely erase everything you have in the terminal, including the 16 GB memory!

    Back up all data

    If you have not yet, download the Android SDK 2.3 extract it to your desktop and rename it in the sdk

    Also Fastboot download and copy it in the Tools folder

    With the new SDK Gingerbread, the command ADB must be downloaded separately.

    MAC have launched the Android files (found in the SDK) and I installed all plugins.

    If you enter the SDK folder find the folder "Platform-Tools" with inside adb.

    Now take your Nexus S, enabled USB debugging settings and connect to your PC / MAC

    To make sure that the Nexus S is detected properly open the command prompt or MS-DOS terminal and go to the Platform folder with the commands cd-Tools

    cd desktop (enter)
    cd sdk (send)
    cD platform tools (sending)

    Then type the following command:
  • MAC

  • ./adb devices

  • PC

  • adb devices

    You must return the List of devices attached etc etc ...

    At this point reboot the terminal mode fastboot.

    Also from Teminal type:
  • MAC

  • ./adb reboot bootloader

  • PC

  • adb reboot bootloader

    You see this screen?

    Ok, we are ready to unlock the bootloader!

  • MAC

  • Head in the tools directory and type:
    chmod + x-mac fastboot

    ./fastboot-mac oem ​​unlock

  • PC

  • fastboot oem unlock

    The Nexus S will show this screen.

    With the volume button to select YES and confirm the power button.

    Perform a reset and restart the terminal under the Google logo will open the lock.

    Now we must make the root.

    I chose the method of Paul (MoDaCo)

    Download the Superboot from this link

    Be careful to choose the appropriate version for your ROM (in controlled settings which version of Gingebread you, if 2.3 or 3.2.1 GRH55 GRH78)

    Extract the file to your desktop and rename it for convenience paul

    Restart your Nexus S Bootloader (Power ON and High Volume)

    Connect with the microUSB cable

  • PC

  • Click on the file-install-superboot windows.bat

  • MAC

  • Open a terminal window, go to Paul in the directory and type:
    chmod + x

    and immediately after


    Now proceed with the recovery changed.

    Download the recovery Clockwork 3.0 frizz clicking HERE

    Copy it into the folder and rename it for convenience tools recovery.img

    Put the Nexus S BootLoader and through the terminal or command prompt type:

  • MAC

  • ./flash recovery fastboot.mac recovery.img

  • PC

  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    The seamless, right now you have installed the recovery.

    Turn off and back on the Nexus S hold the VOL UP and POWER and select recovery.

    Now you're in the Clockwork and you have to do a backup.

    Once done, we're done!

    When you restart the Nexus S nelmarket go and install RomManager

    Roma Launch Manager and reinstall the recovery (download the 'latest version)

    At this point you have to do to recover a ROM like this:

    MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Samsung Nexus S with Online Kitchen

    I'm using it now and it's stable and fast

    Copy the file to the memory of 16 GB ROM, and select install from SD card

    Simple is not it?

    I think I have written it all, if there are any errors or domestication will be corrected.

    Happy tweaking!

    24 July 2011

    Mascot Android

    When googling the internet to find the origin of the green creature, not many sources that have a satisfactory answer...

    But of the many that there is a small number who have a plausible reason why the mascot was named Android and why it looks like it.

    It should be noted that all these explanations is not an official Google explanation.
    But you deserve to know.

    Perhaps Google's Android mascot maker was as a teenager so infatuated with the game called Gauntlet: The Third Encounter. Why is that?

    Gauntlet: The Third Encounter is a arcade game made ​​by Atari in the era of the 90s. This game only lasted a short time and then disappeared. The Gauntlet is one of several characters named Android. If the other characters in human form then this Android odd-shaped creatures that could be called a robot. Here the image of his game:

    As in the picture, the Android was gray with two antennas on the head. By changing the color gray to green and clarify the shape of the feet and hands, Gauntlet Android Is not it to be very similar to Google's Android? Please see the video below to find out a little about the game Gauntlet: The Third Encounter and creature named Android that is in it.

    Yes, indeed many artists and designers whose work is inspired by earlier works. While not exactly 100% seems to be allowed only imitate. Whether with the green creature is the Google Android.
    Is it really was the grandson of the Gauntlet Android or indeed nothing at all, only Google and the Android maker knows.

    23 July 2011

    MWC 2011 | LG Optimus Dual: Test Video, pictures and data sheet.

    Retail Price $ 499

    LG Dual Optimus arrives in the market as the first mobile device in the world to have a dual core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz.

    The 4-inch display with 480 × 800 (IPS), the back has a 8 Megapixel camera capable of recording video at 1080p

    Optimus comes with dual HDMI connection function "mirroring" is displayed on the TV what we display on the display.

    We see the video proof!

    Many of you have asked me how much RAM you have the sum available terminal, here it is!

    I took the test multi-touch .. we ran out of fingers available! The other fingers are of the 'friend of AndroidSafa.

    I was very surprised by this dual Optimus, I find it good from both hardware and software.

    LG Dual Optimus arrives in the market in the first two weeks of March 2011 at a price of 499 euros.

    See you soon!

    Mediacom Smart Pad 810c, Android 2.3 tablets 8"

    After presenting the model in mid-June Smart Pad 800, Mediacom today announced the arrival of a new tablet-based operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

    As stated in the press release arrived in the newsroom, Mediacom Smart Pad 810c includes a capacitive touch screen display with 8-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio and resolution of 800×600 pixels.

    Other hardware features see the presence of a processor Rockchip 2940 (Cortex A8) 1 GHz, 512 MB ​​of DDR3 RAM, 4 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD cards up to a maximum of 32 GB, USB 2.0, front camera 2 megapixel camera, 3.5 mm jack for headphones, microphone, speakers and HDMI video output for connection to external TV or monitor and sending images in Full HD 1080p.

    Mediacom Smart Pad 810c has a weight of 510 grams, with overall dimensions of 203x153x11 ​​mm. The battery is equipped with 4,500 mAh and at the time of the operating system pre-installed Google applications to the traditional, as well as some devoted to reading eBooks and documents (supports ePub, TXT, FB2, RTF and PDF). The sale price was set by the manufacturer at 199 euros including VAT.

    22 July 2011

    HTC ChaCha , the smartphone of Facebook in Italy

    TIM is the operator chosen for the launch on the Italian territory of the new HTC smartphone ChaCha. The device, which premiered at the event Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, was made ​​by the manufacturer in conjunction with Facebook, to offer to all fans of a social networking tool that allows instant sharing with your friends list.

    The operating system version 2.3.3 is Android Gingerbread equipped with customized interface HTC Sense. Below the 2.6-inch touchscreen display (resolution 480 × 320 pixels) are present in the front seat of the four touch controls for key features of Android and a full QWERTY physical keyboard, characterized by hard plastic buttons, well-spaced them, so as to facilitate writing.

    HTC ChaCha integrates two cameras, a VGA front for video chat and a second rear 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash to take pictures and record video clips. All this is accompanied by a 800 MHz processor, 512 MB ​​of RAM and a slot to read microSD cards.

    What makes the smartphone in question, however, is Facebook dedicated button, which lights up depending on operations performed. For example, if you're browsing through a simple touch on your wall, you can share the page that appears, or even flipping through the photo album by pressing the button will be immediately loaded the image on the profile of social networks.

    From the press release arrived in the newsroom, we learn that HTC ChaCha is available on the Italian market in the catalog Telecom Italy Mobile, against an outlay fixed at 299 euros including VAT.

    GameTanium, the Netflix of video games for Android

    Gaming on mobile devices has now assumed the characteristics of a phenomenon of primary importance, in future years could steal a slice of the market at the traditional business of home consoles. After the initial success of titles like Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies on the App Store, Android Market also has become over time a platform for the distribution of video games, so much so that individual developers and software companies to seek new ways to reach a consumer ever wider.

    It is at this point that comes into play GameTanium.

    This initiative, already available on PCs for some time, promoted by the company Exent, which allows all owners of an Android-based device to access a vast catalog of titles against the videogame subscription monthly, Similarly to what happens with other services for multimedia content such as Netflix.

    Putting hands in their pockets, and paying the $ 4.99 figure, it will be possible to play without limitation to full versions of 75 games from those available on the pages of the android in the Market and GameTanium catalog. At the moment, however, is not yet confirmed what will be the line-up of titles available at launch.

    Anyone wishing to test the application process before you pay the subscription fee will still be able to do so, thanks to an initial period of free trial period (presumably) equal to three days. A formula very interesting, if well supported by a catalog to the expectations could be a sort of Steam for mobile devices, with which to play without any limits in the face of a periodic payment remarkably affordable.

    20 July 2011

    VIBER comes on Android: Free calls and messages

    Viber, after a long beta period, is available now for Android Market. For those who do not know, Viber is a popular application that allows you to make calls and send messages using the Internet connection of your smartphone.

    Viber is currently used by more than 12 million users and the success it has enjoyed since the iPhone version of what it is not surprising. The Android version offers a host of exclusive features, such as pop-up notifications for messages.

    How to set up, create and customize ringtones on Android

    In recent months, Android has made quite a leap forward and collected many new users.

    For those who have just entered the green world of Google, here are a few tips to create, manage and set custom ringtones on all terminals Android.

    Let's see how!

    There are several ways to use a custom ringtone on Android.

    If you already have the file, just create a new folder and rename the SD medium

    Created inside other folders with the name of 2
    • ringtones
    • notifications

    Now just place your file in the ringtones if you want to use it as a ringtone, or if you copied dentronotifications, it can be used for notifications.

    To set the ringer, then, go into the settings, audio, ring tone phone and you will find your file in the list.

    The same goes for notifications.

    If you do not have a tone and the look you want for free, download the 'application of the market ZEDGE

    There are thousands and are all free.

    The program gives you the right to choose it as a ringtone POSSIBILITY and set conveniently with a touch.

    Finally, if you want to create it yourself from a sound track, comes to the rescue 's application Ringdroid (Free in the market)

    Once you have downloaded all the songs are visualization in the terminal.

    We choose our song and we're going to be easily edited through this convenient interface

    We set the 'start, stop and save.

    The 'application will then ask if we want to use immediately as the default ringtone.

    There is no time limit, you can also use the entire audio tracks.

    Easy, convenient and free: D

    In spite of these subscription services that they charge you 5 euros and the credit will dry up ..

    For owners of Nexus S

    Android Gingerbread has a bug regarding the ringtone.

    Once set, if you connect your phone to your PC as a mass storage or turn off, as soon as you dis-connect or rekindle lost the ring and you will play a random sound taken from your playlist.

    The bug has already been reported and if you want here

    So please report it to Google

    See you soon!

    17 July 2011

    HTC Evo 3D, not exclusive to SFR

    While it was expected that, like the HTC sensation, the HTC Evo 3D is offered exclusively in the temporary operator SFR, but it will clearly not the case, as recently confirmed Frederic Tassy , CEO of HTC France site to our colleagues HTC Hub.

    Good news in itself considering that it is precisely because of its temporary exclusivity SFR feeling that the HTC has been delayed.

    Remember the following specifications of the HTC 3D Evo expected in late August

    • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
    • Dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz Qualcomm
    • 1GB Ram
    • Rom 1 GB
    • 4 GB internal memory
    • Auto stereoscopic 3D display of 4.3 inches, resolution 960 x 540 pixels
    • Dual sensor digital camera 5 Megapixels, autofocus and LED flash
    • Front camera of 1.3 Megapixels
    • microSD slot
    • HDMI port
    • DLNA
    • Connectivity WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth, 3G and WiMax
    • Accelerometer, digital compass, light sensors and proximity and gyroscope
    • Battery 1730 mAh
    • Dimensions 126 X 65 X 12 mm
    • Weight 170 grams

    What remains to SFR and other operators that will be proposed at the HTC Evo 3D reveal their prices.

    16 July 2011

    Leo starred in commercials Google Phone

    Well-known Chinese manufacturer of electronic equipment company OPPO, following the successful experience of the competition, introduced in the market Android-devices a representative smartphone debut OPPO X903. And that is not the first attempt was a success, a Chinese manufacturer started a massive advertising campaign, take part in which he was invited a popular Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

    According to rumors, the fee amounted to a tidy sum megastars in the $ 5 million advertising campaign will include five commercials, filmed in the style of last year's blockbuster "Home" in which the protagonist will go to Paris in search of a beautiful stranger, having a great assistant - Smartphone OPPO X903.

    Characteristics of voiced news knows that side slider OPPO X903 is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz, a 4-inch multitouch display Hitachi, 16 GB internal memory and slot for microSD, 8-megapixel camera and receiver GPS. New running OS Android 2.2, and will be on sale soon. Cost OPPO X903 smartphone is still unknown.

    Guide to Root for permission to Android

    That is like having total control of your Android phone and avoid unnecessary risks.

    What does 'access to the Root'?

    We begin this brief guide to the Root Permissions trying to explain as simply as possible what this word means. Mistakenly, many believe it is something equivalent to a jailbreak for the Android platform, a conviction deeply flawed.

    Get permission of Root access means as a system administrator, with the consequent possibility of going to manipulate files also of vital importance for the functioning of the device.

    Etymologically speaking, the root mean Root. It is the root (/) on Unix systems and indicates full access to the system, thus going beyond the usual limitations of normal user, who generally has access only to the user folder (/ home / user on Linux).

    This kind of permission is not available natively on any Android device, a restriction adopted by manufacturers of smartphones to prevent the user from damaging your phone. To login as an administrator will then need to rely on specific exploits, usually published on the Internet by many communities of fans.

    Recall that this is a dangerous operation that could damage the device and that in any case, leads to the decay of the warranty from the manufacturer.

    Root: Look at the benefits

    Although most common users will not need administrator permissions on your Android smartphone, the possibility that this grant will make the happiness of those who like to have total control over your device.

    We see that there will be some of the doors wide open by permission of Root:

    • One of the most interesting things is, without doubt, the ability to manipulate at will the system files, allowing us to copy, modify, replace or even delete them. This will allow, for example, to delete unwanted applications preinstalled on the phone.
    • Although from Android 2.2 Froyo was introduced on the ability to natively use the terminal as Wi-Fi hotspot, still many devices are still in earlier versions of the operating system of the big G. These may rely on some applications for the Wireless Tether, but need permits to operate Root.
    • The most experienced users can change the processor frequency of its smartphones to increase their benefits or reduce their consumption, thanks to applications such as the famous SetCPU.
    • The Root permissions allow you to create backups that also include extensive data system, allowing you to restore your programs more quickly and painlessly after a hard reset.
    • For users Froyo opens, finally, a new possibility: App2SD functionality integrated in the system is in fact only enabled for some applications, but with a simple utility called Move2SD Enabler, you can, always relying on the permissions of a system administrator , even those not yet prepared to move.

    The benefits do not end here. Modified through some recovery, available online, it will be possible to make a complete backup of the system, install custom themes or even unofficial firmware.

    How do I get permits?

    As already mentioned, there are several ways to get administrative privileges on the terminals Android, some specific to individual devices and other more general. On the Android Market are some applications that promise to do this automatically on a large number of smartphones and online communities of fans often provide very specific step by step guides for each of them.

    One of the most popular programs is certainly z4root made ​​by the user of RyanZA xda-developers, which allows one-click "root" Most of the devices on the market. Below is the complete list of compatible ones:

    • Samsung S Galaxy (all variants)
    • Motorola Backflip
    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini
    • Droid 2
    • Galaxy Tab
    • Samsung I5700 Spica
    • Galaxy Mini Samsung I5800
    • Droid X
    • Samsung Acclaim
    • Cricket Huawei Ascend
    • Motorola Cliq
    • Huawei 8120
    • HTC Hero
    • HTC G1
    • LG Optimus T
    • Droid 1
    • Garmin Asus A50
    • Motorola Defy
    • LG Ally
    • Motorola Flipside
    • Motorola Milestone 2
    • Dell Streak
    • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Pro Mini
    • SmartQ v7 Android 2.1

    A company z4root make a whole series of other programs and applications more or less suited to a device rather than another, among which we point SuperOneClick, Universal and Androot Unrevoked. If the device by "root" is not supported by any of these, the invitation is to visit MoDaCo and xda-developers, the two most active communities in the development of an unofficial Android terminals.

    The game is worth the candle?

    It is therefore worth risking damage to your device to get the permits Root? It is usually fairly simple operations, sometimes elementary, as in the case of z4root, but not without dangers.

    Use a program is not compatible with your terminal, or "flash" a boot.ini made ​​for a different device might, in fact, damage the phone, rendering it useless. Inexperienced hands are likely also to mess with system files of vital importance for the functioning of the smartphone, resulting in the worst cases, damage is not recoverable with a simple hard reset.

    Recalling that, in case of damage, Root voids the warranty, the advice is to proceed only in the case of special needs. For normal use of the terminals Android is not absolutely necessary to have administrator permissions, which incidentally is not officially provided by the manufacturers. However, these operations are not considered illegal.

    14 July 2011

    Android finally arrives on Gingerbread 2.3.3 Nexus and Nexus Yes! (Guide to restore the original ROM and to 'update)

    Google has announced via Twitter the release of the eagerly awaited OTA update for owners of the Gingerbread at Nexus One!

    Nexus S also clearly receive this update.

    According to some witnesses, are already getting update notifications.

    The enhancements are:

    On Nexus S:

    Fixed lag in the browser
    Sppurto read / write NFC
    Fixed a bug after restarting on Nexus S
    Support to WebM

    Nexus One

    Gingerbread as above! :)

    I am restoring the Nexus S toriginal version. If you want to restore yours too, this guide will be useful!

    Help to restore the original ROM by Nexus S NK02 from Androidiani Forum :

    Otherwise, if you have ROM managers Premium, the stocks found in the Download section 2.3.1

    At this link you can find the backup of Nandroid 2.3.2

    Here the guide for the Nexus One

    This procedure is also of Nexus

    But be careful, to install the 'OTA update must also restore the original recovery!

    I advise you to wait maybe a not cause problems.

    Some of you have received the 'update on Nexus Nexus One or s?

    The updates are initiated by Google and the links available here for download manual.

    Please note, this update is installed only on terminals without ORIGINAL ROOT and recovery.

    ION Nexus Update: Gingerbread GRI40 2.3.3 Nexus (

    Updating Nexus S

    If you use this GRH78 2.3.1: Gingerbread GRI40 2.3.3 Nexus S
    If you use this GRH78C 2.3.2: Gingerbread GRI40 2.3.3 Nexus S

    To install just rename the file and copy it to SD

    Start the terminal in recovery mode:

    Nexus ONE: Turn off and on by pressing Power and Trackballs

    Nexus S: Turn off and on by pressing Volume Up and Ignition

    With the trackball or the volume buttons choose RECOVERY

    On reboot press volume up and start to pop up menus.

    Choose Apply Update

    When you restart you Gingebread 2.3.3

    With this method you will not lose any data


    But if your Nexus is the root and the recovery has changed, I have used this procedure.

    Backups are available on XDA Nandroid.

    The downside is that you lose everything, but it works very well and has been the root.

    Before running, make a backup!


    NEXUS ONE LINK to drive XDA

    Nexus S, I installed the Clockwork recovery and extract the backup.

    Copy it into the SD (in the folder will ClockworkMod-BackUp)

    Through the 'Application Manager, Roma restore the backup you just entered.

    Upon restart you will Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Warning: Androidsaga disclaims any liability for any damage or brick your terminal.

    See you soon

    13 July 2011

    Firefox 6 beta available for Android

    Continues unabated development of new versions of the browser from Mozilla. The team of programmers has released in beta for 6 hours last Firefox Android devices (and PCs), a free download on the Android Market. There are many improvements, from a long series of bug fixes.

    There is no lack novelty even with regard to performance. For this new release, which most likely will follow the short end, Mozilla has made ​​to the code by hand to ensure a more careful use of memory during browsing sessions, and at the same time, faster in rendering pages .

    Also revised the system for displaying images, sharper results and faithful to other platforms, and simplified management in the automatic form filling. Finally changed some UI elements, with optimizations mostly meant to devices based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

    Still no native support for Flash technology, while the occasion Mozilla announced that the number of add-on now available for the Android version of the browser has risen to 160, more than half of which are fully compatible with Firefox beta 6.

    11 July 2011

    Huawei MediaPad: Android 3.2 dual core tablet

    MediaPad Huawei will be the first tablet on the market to equip the new Android operating system Honeycomb 3.2, compared to version 3.1 will introduce some improvements, mostly related to the interface, in order to optimize the user experience on devices with 7-inch screen.

    This is just the diagonal of the display chosen by the Chinese manufacturer, supported by the hardware components of undoubted interest.

    Among these, it should be mentioned first and foremost the presence of a dual-core Qualcomm processor 1.2 GHz, 8 GB of internal memory for data storage and a slot for reading MicroSD cards external, to ensure the ability to save a large amount of files and documents. Returning to the display, confirmed IPS technology, for optimal viewing from any angle.

    Huawei MediaPad can also be used as a small media center, and with integrated HDMI output, the tablet is suitable for simple connection to TV or external monitor, so that we can to send the video signal with a maximum resolution of 1080p , or Full HD. Also with regard to the multimedia sector, the device has two cameras: a 5-megapixel rear face and a second goal from 1.3 megapixels on the management of video and visual chat.

    Also present were the traditional modules for connectivity, such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G, as well as a battery from the estimated duration of six hours, all for a total weight of 390 grams. No information on price or output over the period foreseen for the European territory, and has already been fixed, the U.S. launch for the third quarter of 2011.

    Here is a video demonstration.

    HTC Sensation: Video review and final conclusion

    the MWC show in Barcelona, ​​everyone was amazed by 'the absence of a terminal "Dual Core" created by HTC.

    Only a few months later came the 'ad and is finally available the new "Super Phone" HTC Sensation

    Qualcomm processor with dual core 1.2 Ghz and 768 MB RAM, 8-megapixel camera can record video in full HD display, a 4.3 SLCD polliciq HD resolution 960 × 540 and body are its aluminum unibody main features.

    Inside are enhanced by the new Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 version 3.0 of the popular HTC Sense interface.

    Let's look at the video review

    Video Review HTC Sensation

    HTC Sensation is a very good end, offers a rich multimedia experience thanks to its interface HTC Sense 3.0 and is positioned on top of the wish list of many users.

    HTC has reinvented its interface, making it more attractive and intuitive.

    Excellent choice to use a resolution for the display and the QHD aluminum unibody chassis.

    I liked a lot the industry photographic and video recording, it behaves very well indeed!

    From the point of view of overall performance we have some set-backs and the terminal is not always as responsive as we would like, the browser seems to not have the full power of dual core processor and the GPU.

    alas, the volume of the speaker is not very high.

    From the point of view of receiving the signal with H3G is a little dancer and often with only one reference is roaming with TIM.

    Like all HTC, we just threw immersed in the world of the Sense of applications.

    Social network integrated into a single application, purchase and rental of videos, reading books, our ability to transmit multimedia content to home TV via DLNA and many other features make it an excellent multimedia tool.

    In conclusion, HTC Sensation defends very well in the war of the terminals and dual core is definitely a good buy.

    I remember that the list price is 599 euros (in the package is a Micro SD 8 GB).

    I close the whole with a small personal note.

    To avoid controversy, I could not make the dedicated focus as I did for the Galaxy II S because I got the device a week before my vacation and I have not had time to run: (

    I will cause them to return.
    See you soon!

    10 July 2011

    Nokia thinks Android smartphones?

    Time of change for Nokia, after signing the partnership with Microsoft aimed at the smartphone market with Windows 7 Phone Sea Ray, presented last week, the N9 model, equipped with operating system Meego and designed in a rather special. Among the projects of the Finnish giant, however, could also find a place on the Android platform, as shown by images appeared on the Net over the weekend.

    To publish a Chinese portal, which shows a device with the initials C0 Android interface. The resolution of the screen visible on the display appears wrong, and this could suggest a well done fake, but the source of Asia that has spread images is the same that first revealed rumors about Sea Ray, later confirmed officially by Nokia.

    It may therefore be a prototype, which the company is working in northern Europe as a great secret card to play in the event that the marriage does not encounter the WP7 expected success. By Stephen Elop and associates, of course, no confirmation will not come on, even if the noise in question should have concrete bases. After all, Nokia had firmly denied even the first information leaks speculated that last year the arrival of Windows 7 Phone terminals, only to retrace their steps and formalize the news.

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