24 July 2011

Mascot Android

When googling the internet to find the origin of the green creature, not many sources that have a satisfactory answer...

But of the many that there is a small number who have a plausible reason why the mascot was named Android and why it looks like it.

It should be noted that all these explanations is not an official Google explanation.
But you deserve to know.

Perhaps Google's Android mascot maker was as a teenager so infatuated with the game called Gauntlet: The Third Encounter. Why is that?

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter is a arcade game made ​​by Atari in the era of the 90s. This game only lasted a short time and then disappeared. The Gauntlet is one of several characters named Android. If the other characters in human form then this Android odd-shaped creatures that could be called a robot. Here the image of his game:

As in the picture, the Android was gray with two antennas on the head. By changing the color gray to green and clarify the shape of the feet and hands, Gauntlet Android Is not it to be very similar to Google's Android? Please see the video below to find out a little about the game Gauntlet: The Third Encounter and creature named Android that is in it.

Yes, indeed many artists and designers whose work is inspired by earlier works. While not exactly 100% seems to be allowed only imitate. Whether with the green creature is the Google Android.
Is it really was the grandson of the Gauntlet Android or indeed nothing at all, only Google and the Android maker knows.


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