30 June 2011

Japan: the first Android operating system, but the iPhone is the best-selling

In just seven months the number of smartphone users in Japan has increased by 71%: Android driving the growth with 9.7 million users, while Apple is second with 4.6 million smartphones. Despite IOS has transferred the first position in favor of the Google operating system among the best-selling smartphone 3 of 5 have an iPhone.

Android explodes in Japan. It is surprising to know from ComScore that perhaps in the country more independent with regard to mobile phone technologies, including devices and operating systems that do not exceed the boundaries of the island, the number of users del'OS Google came to 9.7 million hours representing users of the first operating system in the field of advanced mobile phones.

The moment is, in its own way, historical. Smartphones are a niche market until recently, little appreciated by the local market that has always relied on so-called "featured phones" with all the proprietary features and aimed at social news and consultation.

The confirmation that something has changed in Japan comes from the second well of IOS and 4.6 million iPhones sold. Despite Cupertino has transferred the first position in favor of Google smartphone sold between 3 to 5 have an iPhone. At the top are 4 iPhone 32GB, Sony Ericsson Xperia per second, the third 4 iPhone 16GB and fourth iPhone 3G 32GB: In the final position of your smartphone from Toshiba Regza T-01C, then the mobile Apple is by far the best selling device, given that Android phones are manufactured by many different manufacturers.

The Google OS has increased by 87%, and Apple records, however, an interesting double-digit rate, equal to 17%.


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