26 June 2011

Baldur's Gate on Android: Emulator GemRB in action Hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!!!

An optional introduction of personal

At the turn of the century, all progressive humanity vengeance ripped along the coast of Swords from Kendlkipa up to the Baldur's Gate. And I - I act out in the yard right midfielder and team per cent of mine was 386 and the monitor is black and white. Introduced to the art of role-playing only 9 years. And the legendary Baldur's Gate I was not obeyed. Camera mouse can not twist - awkward! ..

And would have lived, being ashamed of their pop, if not for good people - the creators GemRB, the open-source implementation of Bioware Infinity Engine open source.


Through the efforts of the St. Petersburg developer Dmitry Matveev aka Beholder GemRB ported to Android. Allows you to run games in the series Baldur's Gate, and - with some restrictions - Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. requires:

Android> = 1.6;
VGA, WVGA, HVGA or higher resolution;
150 MB RAM;
resource availability and location of the original game for them on your phone / tablet.


Downloading emulator Android Market (QR-code) and install it.
Extract the game (at Rutrekere have a great assembly of "Baldur's Gate Trilogy" - the graph of a continuous plot BG2 + (!) Of the entire series). On my 5.2 gig devayse eaten in the prescribed form.
On your phone, open the folder and rename app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb GemRB.cfg.sample in GemRB.cfg
(If desired) edit GemRB.cfg - instructions he had "inside" in zakommenchennom form.
Copy all files from a folder with a game on your computer app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb
Start GemRB.

When you download an emulator can be configured. Top Stories:

[Downloads] download a demo version of Baldur's Gate 2 (did not try);
[Additional controls] be allowed to use the onscreen keyboard and accelerometer;
[Mouse emulation] to select the size of a mouse, how to emulate the left and right clicks, use the trackball or joystick, including the "magnifying glass" that follows the cursor to select an active area of ​​the touchscreen;
[Mouse emulation] - important! - Disable default "relativny" mode mouse control. This is when the cursor follows the movement of a finger across the screen anywhere. Personally, I prefer one tapom tell him his place :-)
[Remap physical keys] - remap "Softpedia" key, except the Home and Power


On the HTC Desire HD (firmware Android Revolution HD) lack one - obvious - small size. Button "to select the entire party," which fell from the defeated foe good line of dialogue and other small things have vytselivat finger. Thank you, click on "Search" highlights the active objects. This same factor makes much greater use of the pause.

Otherwise, nothing to find fault. No crashes, no lags, no broken saves. Instead of them - beautiful (on the 4.3 "screen can be seen better than 17") schedule, a fascinating story, exemplary music. Battery - to my surprise - eating quite gently. However, the issues of battery holders Desire HD has long been philosophically, humble, stoic ... :-)

in total

Owning a device with a screen greater than 3.5 "unto every taste is - legendary and playable. If your animal is not a diagonal left ... well, when love sabzh and unpretentious general can take a risk. The presence of" iron "controls much easier.

GemRB there under Maemo. What to iOS - Wikipedia says that the work in this direction are underway.

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